Frequently Asked Questions

We're committed to protecting your personal information and ensuring your experience with us as safe and enjoyable as possible. In this section, you'll find information on how and why we collect, store and use personal information to improve our service. You'll also find out how to manage the information that's collected.
The withdrawal currency depends on the payment option that you choose. So that, if the currency of the withdrawal does not correspond the currency pocket from which you want to withdraw, the amount from the pocket will be converted at the indicated rate. You need to confirm the conversion of funds by selecting the I agree, withdraw with conversion check box.
When you open the Main account, it has one currency subpocket. You can add additional currency pockets via making a deposit. To make a deposit: Select the payment option in the Client Portal. Select the account currency. Select the deposit currency. Fill in the deposit form and click Add Funds.
Verification of Main account is required for: Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfers between accounts. To verify your Main account, select the account type and upload scanned copies of your identification documents. When the documents are approved, your Main account will be assigned a verification grade and will be fully set up for depositing and withdrawing.
All financial transactions are performed in the Client Portal. Main account is used for: Withdrawals. You can withdraw from your Main account (directly) and trading accounts (by means of automatic commission-free internal transfer). To withdraw funds from your Commission account, you need to make an internal transfer to Main account first. Deposits. You can deposit to a trading account or Main account. Transfers between accounts. You can transfer funds from Main account to a trading account and back. If account currencies do not match, the amount will be converted to another currency. Exchange of currencies between subpockets. Your Main account is multi-currency. When you open the Main account, it has one currency subpocket. Subpockets in other currencies are created automatically when you make a deposit or convert funds. You can perform exchange transactions between subpockets on your Main account using currency exchange service in the Client Portal.

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